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Foreign Currency Exchange -  We Buy-Sell Foreign Cash for NO FEES

When you are travelling overseas on a holiday or work, always buy foreign currency at your home country and not at airports or the visiting country. It will cost a lot more Australian dollars to buy foreign cash outside Australia. All major banks back home also charge fees and commission on foreign cash purchases and also the rates are not too great.

So if you have any travel plans and need foreign currency exchange come to us and be assured to get the best rates in town . Get a quote from our friendly staff and compare with anyone. We beat all major bank rates and our competitors, we also buy and sell exotic currencies for all other enquiries please do email or phone.

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Features of Cash Passport

Overseas or online, Cash Passport lets you access your money and pay in foreign currencies around the world. Lock in Exchange rates: Know exactly how much money you have to spend. Lock in exchange rates before you travel. 10 foreign currencies :One card with multiple currencies. Euros, US dollars, Great British Pounds, NZ dollars, Thai Baht + CAD, JPY, HKD & SGD.

Widely accepted :Secure access to your money while overseas and online. Use anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. Manage your money easily:Top up funds, transfer between currencies and manage your account via internet banking.